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The teaching and research chairs bring ESSEC into close collaboration with companies keen to develop innovative skills in their sector. Placed under the responsibility of members of the faculty body, each Chair has an objective to produce new knowledge, develop science and management practice confronted with the new challenges of the international environment, and to create a flow of data and market analyses. The Chairs also function collectively through their integration into a center of excellence.

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Accenture Chair in Strategic Business Analytics

The ESSEC and Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair was created to develop a better understanding of the impact digital has on the market and individual business as well as governments and day-to-day life. It also seeks to identify the skills needed to fully understand the existing and emerging issues. Armed with this knowledge, ESSEC and Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair will train the Digital Architects of tomorrow to address this issues-led, outcome-focused and industry-rich approach.
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Armand Peugeot Chair

This Chair is a partnership between the University, PSA and 3 institutions for higher education and and research: Ecole Centrale de Paris, ESSEC Business School and Supélec. This partnership allows the chair to cover multidisciplinary and complementary topics and affectively address the complex questions that arise when talking about the future of the automotive industry in the context of development of electromobility and hybrid vehicles. Its structure allows the chair to convene around the fields of science, engineering, economics, management science and social science.
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Chair for Real Estate and Sustainable Development

The Chair for Real Estate and Sustainable Development provides theoretical and practical training in current issues facing the real estate industry. It aims to support both teaching and research in the economics, financing and management of the real estate industry whilst taking into account issues of sustainable development.
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Chair in Philanthropy

The ESSEC chair in Philanthropy is a research unit whose mission is to produce and disseminate knowledge about philanthropy and its role in society. More specifically, the chair will focus on the challenges associated with the creation, strategic development and management of philanthropic initiatives in order to strengthen the competences of the sector's key players and their social impact. It aims to produce and publish works on a European scale.
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Chair of Leadership and Diversity

The Leadership and Diversity Chair, supported by L’Oréal, is designed to create a center of excellence regarding the various facets of workplace diversity and responsible leadership and offer leading-edge coursework to some 20 Chair students every year, with the aim of preparing future managers for the complex situations they will have to face.
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Chair on Digital Disruption

Recent developments in technology have had a revolutionary effect on consumers, businesses and society. The ESSEC Digital Disruption Chair is designed to provide participants with in-depth understanding of the digital effect on businesses while also preparing them to work in and manage increasingly digital organizations.
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ESSEC Amundi Chair in Asset & Risk Management

It aims at promoting academic research in the field of Asset and Risk management and stimulating the cooperation between ESSEC and Amundi researchers, in particular in offering a series of research seminars on specialized topics to Amundi collaborators and institutional clients and diffusing the results of academic research towards these collaborators. Finally, the Chair plans to organize an annual conference on Asset & Risk Management.
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ESSEC Change Management Chair

The ambition of ESSEC’s Change Management chair is to understand the phenomena and mechanisms of change in different societal and economic environments. The chair conducts research on the effects of change within the realms of business, government and society in general.
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ESSEC Chair of Innovation in Health

Now more than ever, therapeutic innovation has become the core challenge for health industries. Since its creation in 2003, the ESSEC Chair of Innovation in Health aims to meet two objectives: 1/ train future health industry decision makers in innovation management; 2/ develop strategic analyses to transform therapeutic disruptive technologies into economic and social progress. In partnership with Roche, Sanofi Genzyme and Philips, the Chair selects high-potential students from a wide variety of backgrounds seeking to steer their professional future towards health industries. Through a global approach, the Chair offers a unique training program combining an original and dynamic teaching approach (case studies, role plays, interactive lectures, videos, etc.) with unparalleled testimonials from health authorities and industry leaders.
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ESSEC Health Chair

To better meet the needs of the health sector in regards to the economy and management, the objective of this chair is to bring together industry practitioners and academics with three missions in mind: to select and train students from ESSEC wishing to pursue a career in a health industry, hospital, clinic, consulting firm or insurance company, to develop the skills of health professionals in the field of health management and economics and to development research on related topics.
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ESSEC Managerial Innovation and Operational Excellence Chair

In the face of the challenges brought about by rapidly evolving business environments, the Managerial Innovation and Operational Excellence Chair, in collaboration with its partners, aims to promote sustainable business performance by implementing an efficient combination of managerial innovation and operational excellence. In partnership with Covéa, Eurogroup Consulting, Humanis and Renault-Nissan Consulting, the chair, led by Jean-Marie Peretti and David Autissier, aims to experiment, define and implement new forms of management which will serve to shape the business of the future.
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ESSEC Media & Digital Chair

The Media & Digital Chair brings together ESSEC professors and industry professionals. Its goal is to train future managers with high potential, benefiting from sector specific knowledge in terms of businesses, to develop research, to analyze the fundamentals of the industry, to reflect on the issues faced by the industry and anticipate trends. It intends to open a laboratory of ideas and allow free thinking while giving partners a new perspective on the challenges faced by a sector at the confluence of our cultural, economic and political worlds.
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Fast Moving Consumer Goods Chair

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods Chair was the first Chair created at ESSEC in 1985 by Daniel Tixier. The objectives of the chair were bold for the time: they were to regroup actors from the worlds of academia and industry around a single educational objective. Today, the Chair has become a center for excellence in France in training young people for careers in the world of consumerism. Indeed, it has created over the years a unique and dedicated community of teachers and business executives who work daily to help the next generation of actors in this sector grow through an ambitious program of courses, seminars, meetings, and research.
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LVMH Chair

The LVMH Chair, founded in January 1991 by ESSEC and LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton Group, is an educational and research program that specializes in luxury brand management. ESSEC was the first French Business School to create a Chair specifically dedicated to the luxury industry. As a specialized track of teaching and research in luxury brand management, the objective of the Chair is to provide MSc in Management and MMD students with a unique program combining: practical as well as theoretical knowledge related to various dimensions of luxury brand management, through lectures given by ESSEC professors as well as senior executives and managers from the LVMH group. It also gives participants hands-on experience through company visits, a field project and a professional internship.
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Savoir-Faire d’Exception Management Chair

The Savoir-Faire d’Exception Management Chair, launched in 2016 in partnership with Chanel, Dom Pérignon for LVMH and Van Cleef & Arpels, is designed to train the future managers of the luxury sector and conduct research projects focusing on the French savoir-faire and the exceptional craftsmanship for which France is famous and which constitute the backbone of its successful luxury industry. The sustainability of artisanal expertise is now crucial for luxury houses. The objective of the Chair is to train managers to learn how to remain faithful to their heritage and culture while also embracing modernity. The Chair also intends to develop research programs in collaboration with its partners as well as with major institutions such as the Château de Versailles - which will also take part in the aforementioned collaborations.
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Social Entrepreneurship Chair

Studying questions related to the business strategy and management of social enterprise in all its phases – creation, development and sustainability – the mission of the center is to explore, with a transversal perspective, social entrepreneurship, and responsible governance and to impact actions through knowledge creation in the sector.
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Strategy and Information Governance Chair

Organizations face crucial challenges related to the governance of their information. Against this backdrop; the Strategy and Information Governance Chair offers an academic framework to meet these challenges. The Chair contributes to the advancement of knowledge related to the information governance. It provides a framework for anticipating market expectations, following a pragmatic and concrete approach. It benefits the entire ecosystem of private and public enterprises. Teaching and Research Chair, it constitutes a forum for privileged exchange between students, researchers, and practitioners. Using an appropriate pedagogy, students are thus trained in the concepts, methods, and tools of information governance. The researchers, attentive to the practitioners’ needs, ground their approaches in reality. Practitioners are thus at the forefront of thinking and developing information governance strategies.
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Urban Economics Chair

Unique among major schools of management, the ESSEC Urban Economics Chair has been educating second and third-year students for over 25 years on the complex issues and value systems that surround the management of cities and territories. Focusing on both the public and the private, chair graduates are given the tools to promote economic development but also balance social, environmental and urban planning and launch careers as the managers of territorial corporate partners and executives of local bodies and their satellites.
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The Workplace Management Chair

The Workplace Management Chair is a Research Chair, created in partnership with Kardham and Nexity, which aims to study how new forms of workspace organization influence management, employee performance, and companies strategies.
The Chair is dedicated to the management of business real estate which, despite the fact that it represents the second largest item of business expenditure after salaries, is very little studied or taught in general business management. We have several research objectives in connection with certain foreign universities, in particular the measurement of the performance of the different types of workspace and new working methods (in particular flex-office and coworking), the study of cost of these workspaces as well as the influence of new technologies, in particular connected objects, on the productivity of the spaces of their occupants.
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