COVID-19: Information

COVID-19: Information

In his address to the nation, Monday, March 16th, French President Emmanuel Macron announced additional measures to reduce contact between people and limit movement to a strict minimum. A containment system has been put into place since March 17th.

Please note that leaving your residence is no longer authorized except to:

  • Go from your home to your office when remote working isn’t at all possible (in which case you must provide proof);

  • Make essential purchases in authorized local shops;

  • Visit a health professional;

  • Drop your child off at daycare or to assist vulnerable people while respecting basic hygiene measures;

  • Practice outdoor physical exercise alone, near your home, and without others.

Whenever leaving your residence, you must bring a certificate with you (downloadable here).

As announced by French president Emmanuel Macron during his address to the nation, March 12th, in order to contain the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), all day-care centers, primary, middle and secondary schools and higher education institutions have been closed from Monday, March 16th until further notice.

Consequently, ESSEC’s Cergy and La Défense campuses have been closed to students and participants, as of Monday, March 16th. All activities and campus-based teaching have thus been suspended. A comprehensive distance learning plan for all of our programs listed above is being implemented. This plan includes the possibility to take classes and exams online as well as to validate all courses from a distance. 

We recommend that our students return home. However, our student housing remains open.

- For students based in France:

The plan for distance learning will be specified next week and will be put into place as of March 23rd. There will thus be no classroom teaching nor distance learning options during the transition week (from March 16 to 22). As stipulated in the Business Continuity Plan, the different services of the school will continue their activities, and remain available to be contacted by students from a distance.

- For apprenticeship students:

They continue to be employees of the companies that employ them and must comply with the company’s rules. 

- For ESSEC students who are currently carrying out company internships or who are studying abroad in another country:

It’s possible to continue the internship or the study period, in compliance with the rules communicated by the company or University in the host country, and in adherence with the recommendations of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

- For students of other institutions who are currently at ESSEC as part of an exchange program:

It’s possible to continue and validate their classes at a distance, either while remaining in France or from their home country. 

- For participants in our Executive Education programs :

All courses have been taught by distance learning since Monday, March 16. Our lecturers and teachers are currently mobilized to adapt the courses to this teaching method.

Concerning the customized programs, they also switch to distance learning or renewed modality depending on the situation.

Finally, all the new courses planned for the coming weeks are maintained. Participants will benefit from the usual support.

- For employees:

As of Monday, March 16th and until further notice, telecommuting will become the norm. Being physically present on all of our sites (Cergy, La Défense, Grand Axe, Alegessec) will become the exception. Thus, you should work remotely as of Monday, March 16th and until further notice, unless otherwise requested by your manager. All face-to-face meetings must be replaced by virtual meetings by using platforms for video and audio conferencing like Google Meet or other tools. 

People whose particular situation makes them particularly vulnerable in the face of an epidemic should telecommute or otherwise may benefit from a special leave of absence.

As of Monday, March 16th, access to our sites is limited only to those people whose physical presence is necessary for the functioning of the site. Exceptionally, professors and lecturers may still come to the Cergy campus to teach if they are unable to give classes from their home. In this case, please notify the study services of the concerned program at least 24 hours in advance.

ESSEC wishes to thank all of the members of its community for their flexibility during this exceptional time and also its academic and operational teams who have been working tirelessly to respond to the challenges raised by the Coronavirus epidemic. 

Teaching and research won’t stop with the closing of our campus. On the contrary, we will be pivoting towards a new innovative model of learning including new distance learning and evaluation methods, notably through our augmented digital campus.

This is the opportunity for the ESSEC Community to come together and demonstrate our values of responsibility, humanism and our civic engagement.



Information measures

ESSEC collaborates fully with all preventive requests and solicitations from the ARS and Santé Publique France, which are also the only authorities competent to carry out an investigation and to inform people likely to have been in contact with a person explicitly named as a confirmed or possible or probable case.

Preventative hygiene measures

Since March 3rd, we have implemented a number of additional hygiene measures  on the Cergy and La Défense campuses and their food service outlets.

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed around campus and the soap dispensers in the washrooms are regularly refilled 
  • Door handles and other points of contact are cleaned twice a day with a antiseptic solution

Preventative measures

The usual measures to prevent the transmission of viruses remain the basis of recommendations to limit the spread of the coronavirus, and we encourage everyone to respect them:

• Wash your hands very frequently 

• Cough and sneeze into your elbow

• Only use tissues once

• Don’t shake hands and avoid greeting others with a cheek kiss

• If you are sick, stay at home

•  Only wear a mask if you show symptoms (obtain it through a medical prescription) 

If you have symptoms (such as a fever, cough, or breathing difficulties) and if you were in an area where the virus is circulating, please contact the SAMU immediately (French emergency medical services – dial 15). 

• Do not go to your general practitioner or to the hospital

• Avoid contact with others and keep your mask on  

Travel measures

As a reminder, all travel - study trips, exchanges, internships or professional travel - outside of the European Union or within at-risk zones in the European Union (the Italian regions of Lombardy, Venetia, and Emilia Romagna), are postponed until further notice.

 For any further support or additional information:

  • students are invited to contact the head of studies for their program

  • staff members are invited to contact their human resources manager

  • members of the permanent faculty are invited to contact the administrative manager of the Dean's Office 

A unique number - 0801 901 202 - is set up by ESSEC so that you may contact an ESSEC nurse or the security station at any moment of the day if you are experiencing symptoms or if you have returned from a zone where the virus is actively circulating in the last 14 days. 

For further official information, you can check out the following: 

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